Primary Arms Upgrade Giveaway

On top of that, StealthGearUSA Introduces The New SG-Revolution Holster.
Being a real-life fan of the StealthGearUSA’s holster for the big chunk of the last year, I have noticed that it is quite often when they announce some new product. So when they introduce a..

But on top of that JP Enterprises Release VMOS – Variable Mass Operating System.
Well, this is gonna big a real big news! JP Enterprises, famous because of their LMOS (Low Mass Operating System) and SCS (Silent Capture Spring) have told the NRA the fusion of the two is a fact.

Regardless of whether you love or loathe this firearms manufacturer, the recently leaked image and tech specs details for this model, provided to us by none other than James.

Also, at the most recent big Guns exhibition in Paris, one country shined with a brand new variety of quite fascinating firearms, rifles, and shotguns. This was, with no surprise to war affairs followers…